Parquet in small rooms

Whether in a large or a small space, parquet is always a mood creator. Wood evokes a feeling of peace and balance. However, there are a few tips you need to take into account if the space is not too large.

hero kleine ruimtes 2

1. Light creates space

Dark floors give the room a high cocooning content but make the space optically smaller. A natural, pale shade makes the room look bigger. The incidence of light also plays an important role here: the more natural light in the room, the larger it will seem.

2. Narrow & elegant

Parquet planks come in all sizes: from narrow to extra wide. A smaller room is more suited to narrower planks – for example, 15 cm or 19 cm wide. Before you install the floor, also try out different laying directions for the planks. It’s amazing what a difference this can make.

kleine ruimte 550 x 487
gang oslo mont blanc 251 x 334
vienna 251 x 334
kleine ruimte 251 x 334

3. Herringbone

A herringbone or mosaic pattern looks very classy but is more suitable for large spaces. In a small room, this laying method doesn’t have this effect. Moreover, a lot of wood can be wasted during installation, so it soon becomes an expensive project.

FQ - Oslo HB Pure 1 (Large)
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