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the look of wood, the ease of vinyl

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pvi vis 2000x500

The look of wood, the ease of vinyl.

You are looking for a floor that ticks all the boxes:

  • 100% water resistant

  • highly impact resistant

  • easy to install

  • stain resistant

  • suitable for kitchen and bathroom

  • easy to maintain

  • beautiful wood look

If so, Parquetvinyl is for you! Parquetvinyl is a click vinyl flooring suitable for the great fun and little dramas that everyday life offers.

Innovation is key

Parquetvinyl is an innovative floor with a core consisting of 70% limestone and 30% PVC, which is barely distinguishable from a real parquet in terms of appearance and structure.

Very realistic

The planks look very real and natural thanks to their matt finish, synchronous wood texture, authentic wood grain and sublime colours. We distinguish ourselves with the large number of unique planks per collection, which means you aren’t likely to see the same plank recurring.

parquetvinyl look

Parquetvinyl is available in an extensive range of natural colours. Just as with real wood, you can choose between a very calm wood look with no knots or only a knot here and there, or you can opt for a floor with vibrant hues and more or larger knots. In that way, you can make the floor completely match your interior style or character.

pvi planken 510x510


Both length and width vary according to the collection. This helps determine the feeling the floor creates in the room.

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pvi visgraat 510x510


An elegant herringbone floor takes your interior to the next level. Did you know you can install this Parquetvinyl herringbone floor yourself?

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pvi tegels 510x510


The look of a ceramic tile is combined with the pleasant walking feel of Parquetvinyl. The large 120-cm tiles in particular are a real eye-catcher!

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Or a combination?

Parquet is often combined with Parquetvinyl. This was also the choice of architect Sebastien D'hondt and his wife Wendy for the thorough renovation of their home. They chose parquet for the ground floor and combined it with Parquetvinyl for the bedrooms and upstairs.

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