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Do you have a technical question or do you want to talk about possible options for your interior? We are always ready to use our knowledge and expertise to guide you through the technical issues. There is a solution for every situation. With Lamett, you have the perfect partner. Not just to answer your technical questions but also to find a solution that suits you down to the ground. After all, this is what it's all about.


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About wood flooring

All questions about parquet as a product and how to compare this floor type with other floor types. more


When installing parquet, you come up against many technical questions: screed and subfloor, underfloor heating, installation, etc. We will guide you. more

Skirting boards and profiles

The floor is ready! Now all we have to do is install the skirting boards and then the decorating can begin. Some questions answered about flower pots, rugs and skirtings. more


You can enjoy a beautiful parquet for a lifetime if you maintain it correctly. Read all about it here. more

First aid

Sometimes things go wrong: an awkward stain, black circles under a flower pot or worse: scratches. Here's your first aid for parquet accidents. more


It is important to treat what Mother Earth gives us responsibly and respectfully. How green is parquet?

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