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At Lamett, we accept our responsibility. This is not just about sustainability but also about treating people correctly and respectfully. And about honest, high-quality products. We never rest on our laurels but try to make improvements on every level every day.

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    For our communities

    We don’t go for one-night stands. We prefer lasting relationships and long-term collaborations.

    Our partners

    We like to build excellent relationships with our suppliers and transporters over the years. This results in smooth and efficient collaboration and makes working together much more pleasant.

    Our employees

    No war for talent for us. We love our talent. By deploying our employees in the positions and projects that really suit them, we create a win-win situation. Feeling good in your own skin and in the company is just as important to us as sales figures.

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    For our planet

    We are convinced that lots of small initiatives and decisions together have a big impact.

    Those initiatives include:

    • The installation of 2,200 solar panels on the roof of our head office. Our production capacity of green energy is 6 times more than we need at Lamett. That’s enough energy for more than one hundred families.

    • We have started electrifying our fleet. By the end of 2024, we will be driving 100% electrically. This means that around 1 million kilometres (roughly 100 tons of CO2) will be driven emission-free every year. Yes!

    • We are working on a project for which we no longer transport the containers by road but by inland shipping deeper into the country. This also ensures a significant saving in carbon emissions.

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    For our customers

    Our customers

    Our customers can count on us before, during and after the installation of their floor. You can always contact us if you are finding it difficult to choose, if you need technical advice or even if you can't get those grease stains out of your parquet. No matter how long ago your floor was laid.

    Our dealers

    We go through fire for our dealers. They all have a regular contact person, both in the office and in the field, who manages everything for them and tries to give them as much support as possible.

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    For our products

    For our floors, we use only wood from sustainably managed forests. These are usually old oaks that have already largely fulfilled their task as oxygen suppliers. In their place, new, younger trees are planted that remove much more CO2 from the air. We use the oak trunks as efficiently as possible. For our composite parquet, we combine an oak top layer of at least 2.5 millimetres with more readily available, faster-growing types of wood — poplar or birch, for example. During the production process (i.e., the transformation from tree to plank), we process wood residues into pellets or fibreboards.

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    For the spaces we help create

    It is important to us that our floors contribute to a healthy indoor climate. They are thoroughly tested internally and externally to ensure that no harmful volatile substances are emitted.

    No harmful woodstains are used as finishing for our wooden floors. The oil is also high quality and vegetable-based wherever possible.

    Our Parquetvinyl floors contain only safe softening agents and no phthalates. So you can rest easy: our floors are a safe and secure foundation for your home.


Do you have a suggestion for a big or small climate-friendly gesture? Contact Wendy! She is our sustainability manager.

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