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What keeps you interested about parquet?

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What types of parquet are there?

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Are underfloor heating and wood flooring a match?

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In what ways can I install parquet?

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Parquet glue

With the right glue, you ensure that the installation process gets off to a good start.


Skirting boards

Skirting boards create a beautifully finished look. You can contact us for matching skirting boards for every collection as well as for painted skirting boards.



The right profile completes the picture. By the way, you can also choose a profile that perfectly matches with your floor. How convenient is that?!

Maintenance is gold

No matter how beautiful and high-quality your parquet, it always needs the right care. Contrary to what you might think, maintaining your wood floor is not difficult at all. With a few simple rules, you can preserve its natural beauty.


Do you share our penchant for oak?

No wonder that we use oak for all our collections at Lamett – this beautiful type of wood is irresistible. Oak is naturally full of variation, from the wood pattern to the grain structure. That structure is influenced by the climate, the seasons, the place where the oak is growing and, of course, time. Some oak trees keep growing for up to two hundred years.

Albi Smoked Invisible

Albi Smoked Invisible

Types of wooden floors

Parquet is subdivided based on the composition of the planks. Our wooden floors are available in the following structures: multilayer and solid parquet


Natural, sustainable wood flooring

Lamett parquet is a natural product that originates from renewable, sustainable sources. You can sand it multiple times, which means that it lasts a lifetime. What’s more, over the years your floor will become even more beautiful.

If it gets damaged, the floor can often be repaired without losing its original beauty. Bonus: parquet is one hundred percent recyclable.


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