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50 shades of grey

Trends, colours and shapes are constantly changing. Discover the latest trend colours and materials inspired by the moon.


The Lunatic

In difficult times, we like to go back to our primal instincts and try to connect with nature. Constantly bombarded by digital stimuli, our natural reaction is to try to rediscover our personal intuition. Which explains our growing interest in the extraterrestrial and our fascination for the moon. The moon’s mystical rituals and distinctive materials and shapes are a source of inspiration for many people. Consider the growing range of products such as moon milk, water and oil, which are produced according to the position of the moon. In their book, Katrin Swartenbroux and Wided Bouchrika describe the powers and influences of the moon and show how more and more people are linking the phases of the moon to decisions about their life, career, body and sexuality. Designers and artists are also drawing inspiration from the moon, in terms of both the aesthetics and their choices of materials and colours.

Trends in materials

The search for materials with unseen properties has been going on since the first steps were taken on the moon. For example, the designers of The North Face recently collaborated with a Japanese company to develop ‘Spiber’, a synthetic alternative to spider silk. In the work of artist Carsten in der Elst, we see how polyurethane waste is used as a finish for his furniture designs, giving them an alienating and otherworldly effect. We are also seeing more frequent use of bio-plastic, hard and soft metals, crystals and porous structures, often produced with 3D technology. And moonstone, with variants in stone and polyurethane, also brings us closer to the lunar landscape look. The influences of space technology, weightlessness and the characteristic circular shapes are clear to see and will soon also extend to our wardrobes and interiors.

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Trends in the use of colours

Current trends in the use of colour illustrate the versatile use of grey shadow tones and variants of metallic aluminium. Grey tones such as New York Skyline Grey (pictured left) are doing well, but warm stone and sand tones such as Mont Blanc Mountains are also very popular. These colours go well with bronze, a muted blue or an off-white, which together are reminiscent of the way moonlight reflects in the ocean. We are also seeing a mix of ‘Dust Grey’ shades in which the neutral tones go well together with warm sand tones and beige. Lilac with a grey undertone is still important in 2022 and is one of the neutral colours. The versatility of the moon is giving us a whole range of inspiration and possibilities for design, fashion and lifestyle.

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