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Contributing to a better world based on lifestyle choices

We like to have time for ourselves, but at the same time we also want to feel connected to family, friends, colleagues... and by extension with the wider community. Based on our lifestyle choices, we can help make the world a better place.

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We now know that we can’t just keep consuming. We want to buy ethically responsible products: produced with negative CO2 emissions, under fair working conditions, with plant-based materials… A parquet floor literally and metaphorically brings a piece of nature into your home.

Nowadays it’s much cooler to brag about how ecologically you live than about your holiday flights to exotic destinations. Brands therefore need to be honest and transparent and shouldn’t just focus on their carbon footprint. Other ethical themes such as diversity, gender neutrality, cultural identity and inclusiveness are also important. Brands are rewarded for their sincere efforts in that area. Anyone who wants to appeal to the younger generations of consumers should be aware of this.

Warm colours and a touch of petrol

The ethically conscious consumer is a hopeful idealist. This is therefore an optimistic trend with warm shades such as orange, yellow and red. The basic palette includes colours that refer to ecology and recycling. The sand and earth tones are reflected in floor and wall coverings but also in the raw materials of furniture and objects. The blue and green is given a petroleum tint.


Sustainable (re)use is crucial when designing an interior. For example, recycled materials, such as felt from PET bottles or other plastics, are given priority. Another example involves discarded building materials that are upgraded to become aesthetically pleasing interior items. The repair aesthetic is omnipresent: after all, repairing things limits the amount of waste. Parquet has an oak top layer that is at least 2.5 mm thick. This ensures that the floor can be sanded multiple times so that it still looks just as beautiful after 40 years.


Even new items look like they have been repaired. So the whole thing should definitely not look too slick: imperfections are allowed – for example, in the glaze of ceramics or in hand-woven textiles. Seams and stitching are not hidden: the creative process must always be visible. Patchwork (the ultimate way to upcycle textiles) is currently the big trend, but not just as the typical patchwork pattern. The mix & match feel is evoked with motifs, the arrangement of objects and materials or the stitching in the floor covering, for example.


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