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Skirting boards: the cherry on the cake

Skirting boards, you either love them or you hate them. So you want them to be as inconspicuous as possible, or you want to turn them into an eye-catcher. Both options are possible!


Although they are available in many variations and designs, you may think that skirting boards are outdated. But they still have some interesting functions. On the one hand, they cover the expansion joints all around, while on the other hand they prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating into the floor and wall. But they can also add value to your home and add an extra accent to the style of your interior.

Skirting boards are attached to the wall with glue while floating or resting on the floor. After all, your wooden floor needs space to expand and contract in the expansion joints. For the corners, the skirting boards are usually mitred, but they can also be placed up against each other. This depends on your personal taste.

Wooden skirting board

A skirting board that is fully tailored to the floor in terms of both colour and decor may look more classic and definitely has a stylish effect.

An MDF skirting board is ready-made and often has a cable duct, so there’s room to neatly conceal your wiring. Very handy!

A solid skirting board is made of real wood and you always buy it untreated. You can oil it yourself in the same colour as your floor.

For every collection. we have a skirting board with the same look. These skirting boards are 6 cm high.


Paintable skirting board

Do you still have to get used to the idea of skirting boards? Then choose a paintable skirting board. By giving this skirting board the same colour as the wall, it blends in completely with your interior. And what’s more, the room will look bigger.

Of course, you can also paint it white. In combination with pastel or powder tones on the wall and a natural to pale floor, this is definitely an elegant finish.

Lamett paintable skirting boards are available in heights of 6 and 8 cm.


Cover skirting

When renovating, you can consider using cover skirting. You can easily install this skirting board on top of your current skirting board. That way, you avoid demolition work and your wall doesn’t need to be replastered. Definitely worth considering!

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There is a huge selection of skirting boards on the market. Ranging from very fine, minimal skirting boards to raised skirting boards, bead skirting boards with decorative elements, skirting boards with LED lighting, and so on.

Are you not sure about the height of the skirting board? The rule of thumb is usually the higher the ceiling, the higher the skirting board.


Photograph header: Orac Decor

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