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South of France rivièra style

A wave of appreciation for local traditions and design emerged during the pandemic. That trend is now almost mainstream.


A touch of retro and plenty of sunshine

Instead of a world of uniformity, we now yearn for distinctive, unique products. Design is becoming hyper-local: furniture and decoration draw from traditional design, with the emphasis on local materials and processes. For example, straw, grass and flax are widely used, often in their natural form or coloured with natural pigments. Soft stone tones – matt sandstone and limestone or unglazed brick – are also typical of this trend.


The old-world and antique feel is reflected in the preference for nostalgic patterns such as the classic diamond check, thick stripes in warm tones and flower or plant motifs. There may also be small imperfections in the textile; you are allowed to see that it is handmade. Those elements of old-world and folklore are linked to the traditions of a specific region. So the trend will look different on each continent. We are already seeing handmade ceramics from a wide range of local traditions. At Lamett, the trend is often characterised by the sunny South of France Riviera style, with its soft neutral shades, pink and light yellow, responsible for the summer atmosphere in the already warm colour palette.


The retro orange, mustard and brown and beige tones exude the atmosphere of bric-a-brac markets and vintage shops. The ubiquitous yellow evokes a nostalgic feeling. There is also room for more natural combinations of beige and sand tones.

A light rustic to rustic floor with knots, colour differences and a warm, lived-in feeling adds lots of charm to a home. The play of light and shadow throughout the day makes parquet extra beautiful and special to live on.

Are you inspired by this Riviera style and looking for parquet that matches seamlessly with it?

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