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Wooden floor and pets?

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You and your pet are inseparable. Naturally, you take this into account when choosing a new floor. A wooden floor is very suitable if you have a dog, cat or other pet, for the following three reasons.

1. Hair does not stick to your floor

The soft fur of your cat or dog that you love so much has one drawback: the hairs get everywhere! You will want to be able to remove these from your floor easily. For this reason, avoid choosing a type of floor with aged, solid planks. These contain deep grooves and knots where dirt and hair can accumulate easily.

A new, multi-layer floor is the perfect choice. These floors do not have any deep grooves or knots where dirt can get stuck. As a result, you can easily sweep up sand and hair together. Vacuuming also works very well. Make sure you use a suction nozzle with a brush, to avoid scratching the wood. We have an extensive collection of multi-layer wooden floors with smooth surfaces that are perfect for pet owners

2. Stains are easy to remove from a wooden floor

Every owner of a dog, cat or other animal knows: sometimes the floor will get stained. Whether it’s water from the drinking bowl, leftover animal food or a urine stain, you don’t want any permanent marks on your beautiful floor! Thankfully, it is possible to prevent and remove stains from your floor.

By regularly treating your oiled floor with a conditioning natural soap, you keep the wood in good condition and maintain the protective layer. This is because natural soap contains a small amount of oil that is absorbed by the wood. Dirt and grease are then less likely to stick to the floor. Water and grease stains can easily be prevented by laying a mat under your pet’s water and food bowls.

It is possible that your pet will urinate on the floor. If you immediately clean this up, then it will cause no problems. If the urine has caused a stain, then you can use neutralising agents to clean it, such as Woca Easy Neutralizer. This product is used to remove stubborn stains from oak, that have been caused by reactions with the tannic acid in the wood. Apply Woca Easy Neutralizer to the stain, let it soak in, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Afterwards, treat the floor with oil.

3. Scratches are no problem on oiled floors

“Won’t my pet’s claws scratch the floor?” An understandable concern for any pet owner. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about scratches if you choose oiled wooden floor. The oil layer cannot be scratched. The wood itself is too hard for a dog or cat to scratch. Regular maintenance keeps the floor protected and in good condition.

You will only see scratches - under certain light - if you have chosen a lacquered wooden floor. This is because the varnish layer can be scratched. For this reason, we recommend that pet owners choose an oiled floor.

Your pet and a wooden floor go together perfectly

Don’t let your dog or cat stop you from choosing a wooden floor! With the right maintenance, the planks will stay beautiful. If they still get stained, there are maintenance products to solve this problem. A wooden floor adds warmth to your interior, and contributes to a comfortable living environment in which you and your pet can feel right at home.

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