Parquet glue

Would you prefer a glue-down parquet floor? No problem! All Lamett collections can be installed as glue-down. With the right glue, you ensure that the installation process gets off to a good start.


Gluing your parquet is more of a job for handymen, but it does have some advantages. For example, your floor heating will work more efficiently. Your floor will also sound fuller and a lot quieter. You can also deliver a tighter result, since all kinds of profiles can be replaced by very discreet silicone joints to fit almost seamlessly with window frames, sills and other floor types.

However, gluing your parquet is not a license to go "all the way." You still need to give the boards room. You do this by adopting the existing expansion joints in the screed and installing additional joints if the installation involves a width longer than 8 feet.

With the Lamett Power Glue you can glue both multi-layer and solid parquet. With solid parquet, however, you must limit yourself to thicknesses of 14 mm and a maximum width of 150 mm.

Our glue is a 1-component adhesive that you can start using immediately. It is suitable for underfloor heating, easy to comb and cures quickly. Moreover, it is free of solvents, phthalates, isocyanates and bad odors. We can also offer you a suitable glue comb.

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