The right profile completes the picture. By the way, you can also choose a profile that perfectly matches with your floor. How convenient is that?!


If you install the floor floating, profiles are necessary. They make the connection over swelling joints, to other floors or against a fixed object such as a staircase or window. Fortunately, we offer you these profiles in the material and color of your floor, and as a 3-in-1 profile because we like discreet one-stop-solutions.

The profile itself consists of MDF with a top layer of oak veneer, varnished or oiled in the color of your floor. There are small notches on the end, so you can use the supplied knife to trim the profile to the model you need : a T-profile, a transition profile and an end profile. The ground rail that you screw or glue is included.

Want an even tighter look, or is the floor in a commercial space? Then choose an aluminum profile: it's more discreet and strong enough to handle busy passage. We offer you T-profiles in silver and bronze.

The different profiles


Applied between 2 floors of equal height or for covering an additional swelling joint.

Transition profile

To connect the transition between 2 floors of different heights

End profile

Applied when no skirting is placed, for example at the level of a staircase, sliding windows.

T-profile silver
T-profile bronze

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