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Are underfloor heating and wood flooring a match?

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A wooden floor and underfloor heating: a perfect combination

A wooden floor gives your interior extra warmth and atmosphere. Underfloor heating makes your home even more comfortable. But can you put a wooden floor on top of underfloor heating? Our customers often ask us this question.

The answer is a resounding “Yes”. A wooden floor and underfloor heating are a great combination. The floor stays in excellent condition and heating efficiency is good, as long as you take a few things into account. Below, you can find the most frequently asked questions about wooden floors and underfloor heating.


Wood on top of underfloor heating is definitely efficient enough. That is why a wooden floor and underfloor heating has been a popular match in recent years, for both new buildings and renovation projects. However, it is important that the floor is thin enough. We recommend using a maximum thickness of 15 millimetres. The thicker the floor, the longer it takes to heat the room above, and therefore the less efficient the underfloor heating.

Keep an eye on the relative air humidity

The relative humidity in the room is crucial for a healthy parquet and must be between 40 and 55%. This is to minimize the chance of distortion, crack formation or open slits. Taking this into account, gap formation is generally distributed regularly and must be tolerated.

One more thing...

The subject of underfloor heating can be discussed extensively. These are just basic instructions. The installation of underfloor heating is always the responsibility of the installer. In case of doubt, you can send a detailed report to us.

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