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In what ways can I install parquet?

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Depending on the type of wooden floor, there are several installation options.

Glue down installation – tongue & groove

In a glued installation, the floor planks are affixed directly to the subfloor. This type of installation requires specific expertise; therefore, we recommend that this type of installation be carried out by a professional installer. The glue is spread over the subfloor using a glue comb, and the planks are laid on the glue. You can use a PU-adhesive. Lamett Power Glue (LPG) is a 1-component adhesive suitable for a glue down installation of wooden floors. The glue is spread over the screed.

Floated installation – click system

Laying a wooden floor can be easy with a floating installation, ideal for DIY’ers. The floor planks are not affixed to the subfloor but instead are joined to one another and ‘rest’ on the subfloor. In this case, the oak planks are clicked together using the click system. It is important that the subfloor is level here.

In addition, it is recommended to use a subfloor that serves as moisture barrier and contact noise insulator. The ideal thickness of a subfloor is 2 to 3 mm.

Make sure the floor is also 100% floating. Do not block the floor with pipes, ducts or fixed/built-in furniture such as a kitchen (island).

Glued-down installation - click system

Our Drop-Lock floors also allow you to glue them down, unlike other floors with a click system. We recommend always having this done by a professional.

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