Skirting boards

Skirting boards create a beautifully finished look. You can contact us for matching skirting boards for every collection as well as for painted skirting boards.


The matching skirting boards to the collections are always 70 mm high. They have a top layer of oak veneer finished with varnish or oil in the color of your floor. Bear in mind that the skirting-board cannot catch all the subtleties of your parquet floor: it has a color that matches the predominant color of the floor, and can therefore be a little lighter or darker against certain boards.

The skirting boards are available in heights of 60 mm or 80 mm.

Tastes differ, so we don't want to push you to choose a particular baseboard. Do you like the sleek look of baseboard and wall blending seamlessly, or do you prefer the warm feel of wood baseboard accentuating your floor? You choose, we are happy to help you with advice.


Do you have a question about skirting boards?

Our experts are ready with free advice. Don't hesitate to contact Pieter and his colleagues via email or phone.