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What does the grading mean?

Applicable for

  • Parquet

The wood selection, wood class or grading determines which part of the log can be used for parquet production and how much manual work is involved to finish the planks perfectly.

Four parameters are taken into account for this purpose:

  • colour and texture variation

  • presence of sapwood

  • presence of knots

  • presence of cracks

The less colour and texture variation and the less sapwood, knots or cracks, the higher the wood selection is and the more expensive the parquet will usually be. Logical when you know that, to produce a parquet with class ‘prime’ or ‘1a’, only 20% of the trunk can be used.


  • grading-1bis-600x800

    1 Bis

  • grading-rustiek-A+-600x800

    Rustiek A+

  • grading-rustiek-AB-600x800

    Rustiek AB

  • grading-rustiek-AB+-600x800

    Rustiek AB+

  • grading-rustiek-B-600x800

    Rustiek B

  • grading-rustiekB+-600x800

    Rustiek B+

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