What types of parquet are there?

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Parquet is subdivided on the one hand based on texture and on the other based on finish (oiled or varnished parquet). Below, we discuss the classification based on structure.

Solid wooden floor

A solid wooden floor consists of a solid block of wood in which a tongue and groove have been carved. Most people think that a fully solid plank is the ultimate in wooden floors. But a solid floor is sensitive to shrinkage and expansion and will often be advised against by a wooden layer. If, however, you fully realise and accept that a solid plank ‘lives’ and can shrink or expand during winter and summer this is not a problem. Solid wooden floors are a very noble product.


Multilayer wooden floor

A multilayer wooden floor, also often called engineered wooden floor, is composed of 2 or more layers of wood affixed to one another at right angles. The top layer is made of hardwood (at Lamett oak) with a thickness of at least 2.5 mm. The underneath layers consist of wood from fast-growing trees (e.g. plywood, pressed wood fibre (HDF), etc.). This type of floor is the solution to problems that can occur with solid wood. A multilayer wooden floor is much more stable than a solid floor.


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